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Website Design & Development:

We design and build custom websites tailor-made to our client's wants and needs. Unlike most website developers, we make our sites from scratch using advanced coding languages and technologies. Not only does our approach allow us to a more create secure, reliable, SEO-optimized websites. We use a proven Design Process to ensure our websites look as good as they function.

SEO Consulting:

We can help your existing website get more visibility and web traffic - and hopefully more business. Similar to our websites, we do everything at the fundamental levels. We focus on keywords, link generation, content building, backend optimizations, and local SEO. If you are interested in seeing how your site is competing in Google and other search engines, contact us for a Free Website Assessment.

Website Hosting:

We find it incredible how much small businesses pay for website hosting and maintenance. Many of our competitors provide cookie-cutter sites with high-dollar maintenance costs. We know the work involved in maintaining a site, and we dont agree with this industry trend. Give us a call to see if we can lower your website operating cost while providing a better service.


Our standards are the highest industry standards. Our websites are built in-house from scratch by our expert developers and designers. We never outsource or use servers that are not fully under our control. We ensure maximum security, reliability, and design customization.

Brandon Craighead


DevDesigns is an all-in-one website development company. We empower our clients to start and grow their businesses by creating meaningful websites and employing effective SEO techniques. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, DevDesigns completes all its work in-house, from scratch, focusing on functionality and data security.

Founders Story:

In 2017, Brandon Craighead started an IT consulting company called Stack MSP. His focus was on smaller businesses that didn't have the funds to afford an internal IT department or a large-scale IT service provider. On the side, Brandon created affordable and simple WordPress and Wix websites for his clients. Quickly, demand for his websites skyrocketed, and the requirements of his websites became increasingly complex. He soon realized that WordPress and Wix were not capable of providing the solutions that his clients needed. Brandon swiftly adapted and learned to code websites from scratch, focusing on fundamentals to overcome his obstacles.

Brandon established DevDesigns as an alternative to the cumbersome, expensive, and ineffective website solutions that plague today's web development industry. He gave businesses that lacked the high-end tools and resources of their larger competitors access to solutions that empowered them to grow and go toe-to-toe with those same competitors.